Integrated Logistics

Our strong point is availiability. We realize and manage integrated logistics systems trough processes that optimize time and results in warehouse. The efficiency of our information systems and the competence of our team are able to guarantee the certain results.

Integrated Logistics

D&T DelliTecnorates srl is by your side to provide the best results in the sector of integrated logisitics. Our shibboleth? Availability. Delli is conscious of the importance of logistics in the supply chain process for companies: that's why it is always available to the client, meeting the various needs of the moment. 

 DelliTecnoTrans services

The logistics department of D&T DelliTecnotrans srl has been operating in the Italian market since 1996. Delli Logistics is particularly focused on the sectors such as Hi Tech Electronics, Consumer Goods, Utilities and Fashion. Delli Logistics offers its clients personalized services, projecting and managing integrated logistics systems. At the same time makes available to its Clients the Economies of Scale deriving from access to a network of warehouses and transport directly monitored.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our Clients in handling of their goods and documents all over Italy, providing them with the most reliable and efficient solutions for distribution and logistics, combining cost optimization with the implementation of innovative services.

On the front of the operational efficiency the approach of D&T - Logistics Division, is to leverage on Economies of Scale and on the optimisation of the use of shared networks for the benefit of their Clients. All this is achieved thanks to the global vision throughout the supply chain and the direct management of the operations and the competence in the operational management. Thanks to a global presence, our company can support the growth of our Clients through engineering and projecting skills that allow to exploit highly innovative solutions.

The processes

Delli manages the logistics processes starting from the entry of the goods in the warehouse, carrying out the stocks planning and regulation of dumping of the containers. At the same time is also carried out the management of the arrivals from the couriers. In each phase of work Delli operates through IT systems and controls by the operators in order to optimize time and minimize errors.

The goods are checked scrupulously and are verified the integrity; moreover, in some cases, and always in agreement with the client, the logistics makes spot checks on the goods for further evaluation the conformity with the orders. Then the material is divided on pallets and placed in stock. In this phase there is an informatization of the goods that leads to the production of the UDC.

The logistics, receives orders daily, to be set up that are managed by an operator. Thanks to the radiofrequency guns the operator can produce the D.D.T. Then the shipments are entrusted to the carrier respecting the various needs of the client. At the end of the day, thanks to the IT system, it is possible to establish the actual warehouse stocks and to check that everything is under control.

  Integrated Logistics and Distributive Logistics 

Integrated logistics manages the entire supply chain thanks to dialogue with the purchasing department and the warehouse. Engineering calculations, applied in this sector, allow to have a complete view of the warehouse and to keep under constant observation the oscillation of costs. The distribution logistics allows to manage the stocks of the finished products without supplying management and carrying out all the operations of incoming goods with relative storage and with the planning of the orders with their evasion.

 Costumer Focus 

Integrated logistics is a fundamental sector that can strongly influence the profits of the company. For this reason, Delli works through the best IT systems and with the best carriers but do not forget the importance of the dialogue and the human confrontation with the client. Delli has the solid structure and the elasticmentality that is able to understand the needs of the people. Even in emergency situations the respect of the times, the availability and efficiency are our strong points.