Trasport & Shipments

D&T Delli Tecnotrans srl has a Tuscany property, wich includes 10 subsidiaries located throughout all region. 

Trasport & Shipments

D&T Delli Tecnotrans srl has a Tuscany property, wich includes 10 subsidiaries located throughout all region. The deliveries, carried out within 24 hours from the date of withdrawal, are constantly monitored and update on the Tracking web on the various states of progress.


Service A.D.R.

D&T Delli Tecnotrans offers also a service dedicated to the transport of goods classified as A.D.R. In particular, the conveyable classes A.D.R. are: Gas.adrl, falmmable Liquids, flammable Solid materials, Substances liable to spontaneous ignition, Oxidising Material, Toxic Substance, corrosive Substances and different dangerous Substance.

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Palletways Service

Palletway is the largest and the fastest Express pallet shipments service both in the Italy and in Europe. It offers an ideal service to those who need to ship small quantities thanks to a coverage guaranteed by a network more than 70 dealers of excellent quality and 3 hub, Bologna, Milan and Avellino.

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Express Service

D&T Delli Tecnotrans guarantees the delivery of the goods in 24/48 hours for shipments up to 30 kg and it is able to maintain the same timing for shipments exceeding 100 kg.

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Messaging Service and Groupage Service

D&T Delli Tecnotrans has been working in the transport and logistics sector for 60 years. Thanks to the experience gained in these years of activity it was possible to create a reliable and competent distribution network, that operates in various regions of Italy.

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International Service

We take care of all the most requested international service in the market today: Air freight Trasportation Service, Express Truckload Service, Single-parcel Deliveries, Europe Groupage Truckload Service type, Groupage and Full Truck Load Service. Contact us, we recommend you the most suitable type of service for your needs.

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Dedicated Services

The attention to the client and his needs is fundamental. That's why Delli Trasporti receives the client's requests and makes available its own experience to evaluate the possible options by offering dedicated services.

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Air Cargo Handling Agent

Tecnotrans is historically the Handling Agent , for Tuscany, of the Airline Company of Swiss Flag - SWISS WORLD CARGO.

The services that we offer are listed below.

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